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Poetry Mode started as a Facebook page in 2017. I was tired of submitting poems to journals, then waiting weeks, months or, in one case, nearly two years to get a response, especially when the response was a rejection. 

Even when my poems were accepted, the wait wasn’t over. It could take weeks or months for the journal to publish them. 

And for what? Who read them? Who cared? 

I started Poetry Mode so I could publish the poems I was working on at the time, a series of seguidillas that have since been collected in a book, Speaking of Tongues. 

I posted poems regularly on that page for a few months, and I paid to have the posts boosted so I could reach new readers, people who had an interest in poetry. When someone liked a post, I invited them to join the page. More than 1,000 people followed the page pretty quickly. So I kept posting, until the pace caught up to me. I got busy with my day job as a freelance writer, and I was working longer projects that needed more time to develop before I could post them. I had to take a break. 

But now I’m back. This is going to be the place where I post my thoughts, reading notes, draft poems, and whatever else comes to mind.